About Us

About NBDB

The National Biodiversity Data Bank (NBDB) is a central biodiversity data and information repository in Uganda serving the public, private and civil society domain. It was established in 1990 as a direct response to conservationists’ need to have readily available data and information regarding the country’s’ biodiversity, to inform decision making processes in Uganda that would affect biodiversity and the environment.


To be the leading centre of excellence in quality biodiversity and environmental data collection, processing and management in Uganda


To inventory and monitor the national biological resources and to provide biodiversity information to those interested in the conservation and sustainable utilization of these resources


The core mandate of the National Biodiversity Data Bank (NBDB) is to serve as a central repository for biodiversity data and information in Uganda. By identifying, monitoring, and organizing data biodiversity components

NBDB | What we do

The mandate of National Biodiversity Data Bank – NBDB is: “To design and manage the National Biodiversity database thereby promoting sustainable management of biodiversity in Uganda.” The functions, activities, and initiatives of the NBDB are embedded in her vision, mission, and mandate statements and include:

  1. Inventorying and monitoring national biological resources in collaboration with other state agencies.
  2. Continuous maintenance of an up-to-date biodiversity data repository and biodiversity information products.
  3. Publication of biodiversity information and status reports
  4. Coordination of biodiversity stakeholders’ engagements
  5. Mobilization of national biodiversity data and information products from stakeholders and other players.
  6. Collaborative research activities with individuals, stakeholder institutions and international partners working on biodiversity conservation.

Our Team


Principle CAES/Overseer NBDB

Prof. Gorreti Nabanoga


Coordinator NBDB

Dr. Daniel Waiswa


Manager NBDB

Mr. Polycarp M Mwima


Biodiversity Expert NBDB

Prof. Gerald Eilu


Biodiversity Database Administrator

Mr. Enuru Thomas


Research Fellow

Mr. Cosmus Kule